From ancient Rome to distant solar systems, The Arcworld is a Science Fiction Saga following the adventures of the inhabitants of Earth as they escape their humble beginnings and reach out to the stars.


Book One in the Loadtech Trilogy

In a world of high societal divisions, where soldiers are programmed, and your memories may not even be your own, emerge five unlikely heroes.  An elite cryptography expert, who has taken a bit too much from his employer, a working-class memory modder, set up for something he most certainly did and two police officers intent on discovering the truth, all guided by a mysterious hacker who’s real intent is unknown.

Welcome to the world of loadtech, where memories can be downloaded, assuming you can afford them.  DOWNLOAD is a post-cyberpunk tale of a society pitted against a dystopian future where the loadcorps and elites conspire to keep the working-class subservient and the working-class just try to survive.

What does it mean to be human?  Who gets to define what life is?  And who are you if your memories aren’t even your own?  Explore those concepts in DOWNLOAD, book one of the Loadtech Trilogy:  DOWNLOAD. UPLOAD. DELETE.

Available Early 2024, exclusively on Amazon.


Book Two in the Arcworld Saga

Vanir finalizes the story of the Arcworld 7,500 years after it started with The Arc. The Arc explored humanity’s predisposition for intolerance, especially when confronted with something that has no scientific or religious explanation, while Vanir explores how misunderstanding can drive the world to that intolerance.

Arcworld continues with the story of Samuel, out of place and out of time, thrust into a reality he didn’t choose. From adversaries hell bent on his destruction to religions that hint of his past, he must survive long enough to tell his own tale and save those he loves.

Book Two in the Arcworld series chronicles how the Third Age of Man turns to the Fourth. 7,500 years of human history results in the story of one man and his rise to be the new messiah, much to his consternation.

The Arc

Book One in the Arcworld Saga

Two thousand years of history as witnessed by one man? The Arcworld kicks off with the story of Titus and his attempt to discover not only his elusive past but to survive long enough to learn his purpose. From ancient Rome through the rise and fall of empires and the terror of the enlightenment, Titus witnesses the worst of human history while doing his best to avoid altering its course. Join him and his companions, and their indomitable spirits, on their trek towards eternity and an unknown event that is promised to alter the course of humankind.

What would you do if you could live two-thousand years? Would you meet your idols? Would you become a dictator? And, if you could choose who could live those years with you, who would you choose? What if the fate of the entire world was at stake? Would you then choose differently?

Book One in the series builds the Arcworld in which 7,500 years of human history are chronicled. From ancient Rome to distant solar systems, follow the adventures of the inhabitants of Earth as they escape their humble beginnings and reach out to the stars.


What do the Readers Say?

“Profoundly Human”

“Crisscrossing stories are weaved together and some of the big mysteries are revealed in a very engaging way. There’s a sense of intimacy with the characters as they’re followed across time and as they relate, influence and work their way through major events. An entertaining, engaging and hopeful book which questions the impact that actions can have in the depth of time and sets up the stage for a world to unfold.” – The Arc

“Fantastic Journey”

“I finished the whole thing in a couple of days, since I simply could not put it down. Definitely recommend it to any sci-fi fans.” – Vanir

“Intimate Story”

“For all its large-world scifi, it’s really just an intimate little story about love, loss, discovery, and what it means to be human.” – Vanir


“Super interesting how storylines, people and time come together step by step!” – The Arc

“Great Blend of Futurism & Humanity”

“An epic exploration of the future of humanity and the changes that society experiences when environment and conditions are taken to the extreme.” – Vanir

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